Susan Bedwell Amos: On S.G. Baker

By Susan Bedwell Amos She is joy that flows out of every shy glance, knowing look and mischievous wink; she is warmth that touches everyone lucky enough to pass within her orbit, whether by the brush of gentle fingertips or the embrace of caring arms; she is love - true north, the genuine article, a … Continue reading Susan Bedwell Amos: On S.G. Baker


Jenette Baker: On S.G. Baker

By Jenette Baker She stood by the water and smelled the ocean breeze. A storm was brewing and she welcomed the intense power that would electrify her spirit. I spoke with her for a time. I learned that it was the written word that she loved to communicate with the most. She was quick and … Continue reading Jenette Baker: On S.G. Baker

Jeffrey Schiller: On Martin Jacobsen

By Jeffrey Schiller What is the difference between Rock and Metal? Mental refinement--something like properly aged wine that comes with hard work, but sold at a reasonable price. The manifestation of that complex emotional ore vein hammered into something intelligent walks into the room. Pocket protector fully stocked. Too many keys swing from his belt … Continue reading Jeffrey Schiller: On Martin Jacobsen